Escitalopram (Generic LEXAPRO) 20mg

Medicine for the treatment of the panic disorders.

Anxiety disorder treatment

Escitalopram genericAnxiety disorders are one of the most common mental disorders which are characterized by the persistent anxiety, fear, concern, and other emotional disorders which bother normal life.

Anxiety often causes depression and doctors diagnose two psychological disorders at once: anxiety and depression. These two diseases are similar as to the symptoms, and similarly dangerous for the human body.


Various types of Anxiety Disorders

It is considered that the behavior therapy provides the most effective treatment of the anxiety and depression, and the patient is recommended the behavior therapy and other procedures. But one cannot do without medicines in the treatment of the depression and anxiety. The doctors recommend Lexapro for the combined treatment of the mental disorders.

Lexapro is one of the most effective and safe drugs for the treatment of the combined mental diseases. A lot of the scientific studies dedicated to Escitalopram (anxiety) have proved the efficiency of this medicine. During the application of Escitalopram for the anxiety treatment patients may quickly return to the previous life.

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